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Pet Boarding in Lincoln, NE

If you're looking for a veterinary clinic that specializes in small animals, dogs, cats, exotic pets, reptiles, and birds call 4-A Animal Hospital today at (402) 475-2282. We are the experts on specialized veterinary care in Lincoln. Feel free to call and ask about our pet boarding services or if you're pet is in need of medical care.

Full service clinic

We have the advantage of being a full service clinic. That means we do most on site. Let us take care of your animal friend. We take care of vaccines, diagnostics, dentistry and surgery - complete wellness and medical care!

House calls

Not all animals transport as easily as a dog or a cat and thats why we offer house calls. Call us today at (402) 475-2282 to schedule a house call with one of our expert vets. It's convenient for you and your animal.

Pet boarding

Need to get away for the weekend but don't have any friends willing to take care of your animal? A-4 Animal Hospital offers trusted and reliable pet boarding. You can rest assured that all of your animals needs will be well taken care of while you're away. Contact us today for more information!
Professional taking the dogs to the pet boarding center in Lincoln, NE

Call (402) 475-2282 To Ask About Our Pet Boarding Services!

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